ICOM 2014 is supported by the Open Source Initiative (OSI)


Presentation Format

  1. Drama
  2. News
  3. Documentary
  4. Public Service Message / Announcement
  5. Advertisement
  6. Music Video
  7. 2D / 3D / Stop-Motion Animation



  1. English
  2. Local / national language (with English subtitle)



  1. Minimum: 2 minutes
  2. Maximum: 5 minutes


Theme (Select One)

  1. Education
  2. Communication
  3. My Hometown


Production Equipment

  1. Unrestricted. Any sort of camera, microphone and other equipment that you deem necessary will be acceptable.


Software for Preparation, Recording, Editing and Special Effects

  1. Must fall under one of the Free and Open Source Licenses listed at http://opensource.org/licenses.
  2. Some of the necessary softwares are available in the Downloads section of this website.


Additional Rules

  1. Your production must not intrude upon religious, political and social sensitivities of others.
  2. Your production must use original works and royalty-free materials only.


Failure to adhere to the aforementioned rules may disqualify your submission.